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A writer of Fiction and Uplifting Quotes &Antidotes. Get your upliftment, inspiration, and smiles here!
Image by Annelise Lords

“Ok,” Dr. Smiley said, reaching out and taking Catherine’s right hand, leading her towards his office. “I can see the frustration in your eyes. Sit down,” he invited, pointing to one of two comfortable leather padded armchairs facing his desk on entering his office.

“Mother’s Day is in five days…

I wondered again, ‘What if nature wasn’t responsible?’

Image by Annelise Lords

Watching the sun rises, I wondered, the sun always does the right thing. It wakes in the morning, alerting our world of a new day of positive possibilities while sharing hope. Then it sets when it’s time, not before or after. …

Image by Annelise Lords

“I don’t like that look,” Andrew said to his business partner Shaun Hillberg as he entered the conference room for their monthly meeting.

Strolling towards one of six comfortable armchairs, positioned on both sides of an oblong table, Shaun pulled out the nearest chair, sat down, crossing his legs facing…

If you know yourself, then no one can tell you who you are. Don’t give anyone the power to tell you who you are!

Image by Annelise Lords

Reading: Be Authentic

By J™️Mindset and he asked, “Why is it so difficult for us to just be ourselves?”

He asked a compelling but sincere…

Image by Annelise Lords

Pulling Ginger away before the fight escalates and anyone is seriously hurt, Alicia pushes her down in the nearest seat and screams out, “What the hell is wrong with you! You can’t cut into the line. You must wait your turn!”

Huffing and puffing as Alicia prevented her from moving…

Image by Annelise Lords

Why God? Why did you allow this to happen to me?” Allison complained as she entered my living room.

I listen to her words, waiting for the bomb to explode.

“Why did you give humans freedom of mind, hearts, soul, and choice?” …

Life is for living. Live yours and allow others to do the same. Dreams have no age limit!

Image by Annelise Lords

I was listening to a male and a female talking.

The male said, “William Shatner is too old to go to space, and the money he is using to pay for his…

Image by Annelise Lords

“When you attempted to hire me, I asked if your son was innocent,” Albert Simms, the twelfth attorney Janice Grant tried to hire to defend her only son for the savage rape and murder of sixteen-year-old Melanie Anderson, said. “Why did you lie? I have been practicing law for more…

Image by Annelise Lords. The enemy’s truth can be like a light in the darkness.

BBC reporter Joseph Binns asks Philanthropist Owen Glen, “A few weeks ago I was watching the documentary about the education fund that you started in your country more than twenty years ago. It has produced some of the most brilliant minds giving opportunities to more than sixty poor children. How…

Humans will not stop life’s process. It will find a way to accomplished what must be done.

Image by Annelise Lords

“I don’t understand,” Jesse complains. “We have known each other since we were eight years old. You are the only person I know that went through puberty without a glitch. Apart from growth…

Annelise Lords

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