Some of the best things I learned in life I learned from children.

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Dear World,

What if all of us remembered our past mistakes when we attempt to repeat them, then don’t? Because that would mean we learn something from our errors.

I was spending the week with my three-year-old granddaughter, and she wants to see and be a part of everything I am doing. When her mom cooks, she would stand on one of her baby chairs near the stove in the kitchen and watch. Depending on what her mom is cooking, she would help to stir the pot. While making her a spinach omelet on Monday, she pulled up her chair…

Fathers are Fantastic

Forgiving, Faithful, Fabulous, Funny, Fantastic, and known for being good.

Fathers are like the Moon.

Image by Annelise Lords

Fathers are like the moon
At nights, his heart’s light guide and protects his children from the dangers that loom
In the darkness
With his ray of hope shining in earnest
His heart of love demanding for you, the best
And in the day,
He doesn’t go away

A Father’s Heart is Pure Gold

Image by Annelise Lords

Father’s have a heart of Gold
They can’t be weak; they must be bold
To guide, protect with love, understanding, and gentleness
They believe their children deserve nothing less
Many fathers don’t get their due
Even after making sure many dreams come true
But today I say, this is your day
And nothing and no one can take your love away.
Happy Father’s Day, Dads

Happy Father’s day and Gratitude to all of the Fathers, also to the Mother Fathers Grandfather’s, Step-fathers, God-Fathers, Auntie and Uncle Fathers, Brother and Sister Fathers, Stand-in Fathers, Friend-Fathers…

Humans or not, a mother’s heart is the same when it comes to protecting her babies.

Dear World,

In my country, we have a saying, “The yards that birds frequent are a beautiful place to live. Because peace is there, and birds love peace.”

Image By Annelise Lords

There is a bird’s nest in this tree. On Tuesday, June 15, it was very windy, and this bird fell out of the nest. Her innocence prevented her from seeing me as a threat.

A Father is a Star

image by Annelise Lords

A Star he is when you need your own light.
Loving, comforting, guiding, while protecting his children in delight
Shining and glowing from morning till night
Ready and waiting to lead and to guide

A Star he is, shining his light of hope
Enlightening and strengthening so you can cope
Cause he knows life’s trial and tribulations can make you slip
That’s why he is there, so don’t trip

A father’s love never goes away.
It stays in his children’s hearts, night and day. …

Fathers are Rocks

Image by Annelise Lords

Fathers are strong as rocks
Protecting and guiding their children from the front to the back.

Did her mother felt any pain during labor?

Image by Annelise Lords

There is a saying in my country, “women who treat their children without regard, without care, without feeling, and with no humanity didn’t feel any labor pains giving birth.”

In Jamaica, some laws can force a child to maintain their parents. Also, regulations can force grandparents to care for their grandchildren. I am guessing if the parents are dead or refuse to care for their children. It’s called the Senior Maintenance Act and The Child Maintenance Act.
Every country in the world has implemented its regulations, acts, or laws in this area.

Inspired by Amazing Australian Animals by Carolyn Hastings Nature Lovers Animal stories GiaB prompt #20: animalia.

I am sorry I don’t have an animal story. But I hope this one will do.

The Natural Beauty of Nature Image by Annelise Lords

Nature is Natural, chic, authentic, and nobby
She goes out of her way to please everybody.

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