All of my best articles and stories were written under depression’s domination.

Image by Annelise Lords

As a child overwhelmed with curiosity, while growing up in a calmer and slower world, I had a lot of patience. Although I had an impatient life, I still managed to control my emotions because I believed that’s the best way to learn.

I wasn’t aware of many things, but my instincts were alive, and it forces me to feel the pleasure of the things I like, and the displeasure and pain of my dislikes. The distress of poverty and life was one of the things I didn’t like. When pain visits me, I don’t declare war to attack and…

Kindness is usually allowed to fall asleep. Yet inhumanity and cruelty are always awake.

Image by Annelise Lords The Language of Brutality

“Ouch!” Orville Windsor cried out, massaging the right side of his head. Turning around to face his Aunt Jelesa, his mother’s youngest sister.

He explained, “I wasn’t doing anything illegal.”

“Boy,” his aunt cried out reaching for the nearest weapon in the kitchen, “Being a lookout while gang members rob our community Deli is a crime.”

Orville read her intention and raced towards the back kitchen door. …

Don’t allow kindness to fall asleep!

Image by Annelise Lords. Kindness Asleep

Dear World,

If kindness is forgotten, will it die, or will it fall asleep?

I was listening to a conversation this morning on my walk.

“I am sorry, Carla, but you can’t pick me out of your bag of who to call, only when you want something done. The last four times I heard from you, you needed a favor. Now two years later, here you are, again. And you still haven’t paid me back the money I loan you.”

“Oh, Steffie, I am gonna pay you back,” she promises, again.

“That’s what you said the last three times I…

Life had many colors and no color.

Image by Annelise Lords

I love walking, and I often get lost in the beauty of our world — inspirations, innovations, and new creative ideas accompany me on my many journeys. I get to witness the changing and increasing beauty of our planet and the simple miracles created with the help of our creator daily. I also learn a lot about humanity by their lifestyle, how they communicate, dress, eat, socialize, etc. Gosh, there is much to learn and see in a thirty-minute walk.

Discussing racism, and its implications the night before, and I don’t understand, why should I hate someone because of the…

The heart of a smart and wise mother must understand that it will take a village to raise a child.

Image by Annelise Lords

“Please don’t be mad at me, Mom?” Carolyn begs. “I know I should have listened to you. Your word of wisdom is appreciated. But sometimes hearing it from someone else reinforces my thinking.”

A good mother must also understand that no matter how well she raises her children, they will always make their own decisions.

Hugging her daughter, Mrs. Higgins assures, “Honey, I’m not mad at you. …

Positive minds will see a new day with innovative ideas and more hope. Negative minds will see another day with increased trials added to their hopelessness.

Image by Annelise Lords

Motivational Speaker Guido Santiago introduces, “Today’s topic is balance. We all want stability in our lives.”

The audience of an inch or two of over 300 people shouts, “Yes!”

“In your life, how would you describe balance?” he points to a young lady at the front with a large pink bow at the top of her head. …

“Where did negativity begin? What causes us to feed our negative emotions?”

Image by Annelise Lords

Positivity and Negativity stand beside each other, giving us a chance to grow one of them.

I considered myself to be a very positive person and often wondered, “Where did negativity begin?

What causes us to feed negativity?

How do we jump from positive to negative?

Self-awareness is a tool that can stop negative thoughts, actions, ideas, decisions, and choices. I teach my sons early because I didn’t want them to be left behind or call dunce by other children.

I knew the value of a good education…

When my twin sons were born, a new and different fight for life began.

Image by Annelise Lords

I grew up with four sisters and one brother in my sheltered world. Even though poverty was a shadow that respects no hour, happiness always finds time for us. Our world was less violent, so many life lessons waited until I was old enough to handle the more significant crisis.

Being an introvert protects me from many things and a few life lessons too.

Life asks me no questions but gave lots of answers.

Getting married and giving birth to daughters, my fight to protect myself…

“Does a bird sings more beautiful when it is free, than when it’s in a cage?”

Image by Annelise Lords

I try and take an early morning walk when the weather is excellent. I look for kindness everywhere I go, and I find it in the simplest things. This birdhouse is a beautiful act of kindness from a generous heart. This considerate and loving soul went out and bought this birdhouse, put it in her/his garden, providing sanctuary and food for some of our smallest and most helpless creatures.

It is in a gated community with more than thirty complexes, lots of children, no…

What do you see when you look at your life?

Some hearts see perfection; others see the opposite. But the happy and creative souls compose perfection from their imperfections.

Image by Annelise Lords

Imagine that this is a map of your life. It’s not a color thing for me. It’s an artistic expression. You can make your life what you want it to be. It can be as colorful as a rainbow, as real as a sunset, or as hopeful as a sunrise. You can do what you want with your life, no matter where you start.

First, we must decipher this map. Find the door, the route, the road, the gateway to our…

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