How human is your cat?”

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Jessica and Maureen, two middle-aged women, were having their regular morning coffee, talking about their children.

Maureen complains, “I don’t know what’s wrong with my Jimmy; that boy is behaving like Mrs. Thompson’s cat. Whenever his relationship is in trouble, he finds his way home. Lacerations would be all over his face and hands. He stays with me for a few months, then goes back to her.”

Jessica burst out laughing, spilling hot coffee on the table. Grabbing a few paper towels on the table to her right, she cleans up then said, “You know…

How many more women must die before any form of change is entertained?

Inspired by: Surviving As A Woman In A “No, Not All Men” World by Eliza Wright

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As a female, I was born with many responsibilities, whether I like it or not. My gender has contributed to the significant factor why men don’t have to grow up. It begins with their mothers and other female relatives taking care of them. Then as they aged, girlfriends, wives, sweethearts, side-chicks, etc., took up the sword and continued the crusade.

Most men enjoy being taken care of, and many expect it, whether it’s your responsibility or not.

Not much value is placed on women’s…

“You can’t have a life that’s already lived.”

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Best friends from Elementary school straight up to high school, Sharlene Glaze and Deborah Pinnock, were also competitive.

Deborah was assisting her mother, a Caregiver to 89-year-old Millicent Rivers, who lives next door, when suddenly the back door burst open, and Sharlene bolts in, waving an opened letter in the air screaming, “I got in! I got in! The University of Pennsylvania accepted me!”

“Young lady, didn’t your mother taught you to knock before entering people’s homes?” Deborah’s mother complains after dropping the pot cover on the floor in fright.

“I told…

“Life, Fate, and Destiny call all of us to a path they planned for us.”

Inspired by: Ubuntu: I am because you are. James G Brennan

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Maria Townsend met Rocker and Musician Steven Kildare, lead singer of the Kildare Brothers Rock Group, when she was 17 years old. To punish her mother for not allowing her to sleep over at her best friend’s house, she sneaked out to his concert one night.

For the next six years, her life was rocking and rolling with drugs, sex; two abortions; two suicide attempts; four shoplifting charges, and three more for soliciting prostitution…

Chapbook- Chapter 1

I hated flying and haven’t been on an airplane since my parents died in one when I was nine years old.

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Chapter 1

I hated flying and haven’t been on an airplane since my parents died in one when I was nine years old. That was thirteen years ago. I vowed never to board one. My only living relative, my sister, and my brother, lived in New York. They relocated two years ago because of better job opportunities. I wanted to finish college in

California, plus I love the weather here. New York winters can be very harsh sometimes.

Robert, the oldest, was on spring break when our parents’ plane crashed enroute to Hawaii, killing everyone on board. They met in…

It has contributed to the death of a 14-year-old boy.

Image by Annelise Lords

‘The good must suffer for the bad.’

These words are repeated often in my country and are transferred into actions in classrooms across Jamaica.

It has contributed to the death of a 14-year-old boy. I think it is irresponsible, dangerous, and must be stopped NOW!

I never thought I would thank a killer virus, but COVID-19 has put a pause on it. I am praying it will be a permanent one.

Our classroom has a minimum of forty students in some high schools; some have more. We only have one teacher per class. …

“He was walking across the street, his pants almost at his knees. A taxi trying to beat the red light speeds up. The fool couldn’t pull his pants up in time to get out of the way.

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Due to indiscipline and no respect for the rule of law, my country is experiencing a rapid surge in COVID 19 infections. There are insufficient oxygen, a shortage of bed spaces, and medical personnel in our hospitals, so COVID 19 seems to be grabbing control away from us. …

When we lose focus in a world ravaged by crisis, poverty, greed, cruelty, death, hunger, starvation, anxiety, discrimination, etc., and a cellphone is all that we lose; we have a lot to Celebrate.

Spiritual Tree Weekly Prompt ‘Celebration.

Image by Annelise Lords

I have been having some personal problems lately that had been affecting my creativity. When I have a problem, my God is the first one I reach out to. I pray, read my bible, then wait for his guidance and instructions.

My country is under curfew and a lockdown because of the crisis our world is experiencing. I walk as often as…

“I didn’t want his children when he was alive, and I don’t want them now,” she protested.

Image by Annelise Lords

Media mogul Michael Hill was on vacation when he fell in love with beautiful supermodel Carla Panton. She was on a photoshoot on the shores of the lovely Mediterranean island of Majorca. Her natural beauty hypnotized him. He used his wealth to woo her, flying her all over the world while showering her with expensive gifts. Full of life and excitement, she was dragging the youth from his fifty-one years old body, mind, and soul.

Being in her presence gently and happily transported…

“The house flamed as if it was constructed of paper!”

Chapter 2

Two Days Earlier: Monday, April 20, 2015

The New York City subway system was unpredictable tonight. The train signals were behaving like a moody teenager. It took more than two hours to get home from Morris Park in the Bronx to my apartment on the Eastside in Manhattan. A trip I usually made in minutes on a typical night.

Stressed out from the city’s day-to-day grind, it took two cups of chamomile tea to calm my nerves before I climbed into bed. …

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