“Life, Fate, and Destiny call all of us to a path they planned for us.”

Inspired by: Ubuntu: I am because you are. James G Brennan

Image by Annelise Lords

Maria Townsend met Rocker and Musician Steven Kildare, lead singer of the Kildare Brothers Rock Group, when she was 17 years old. To punish her mother for not allowing her to sleep over at her best friend’s house, she sneaked out to his concert one night.

For the next six years, her life was rocking and rolling with drugs, sex; two abortions; two suicide attempts; four shoplifting charges, and three more for soliciting prostitution. Several community services later, and the judge threatening jail time, she overdoses on sleeping pills.

Opening her eyes, glancing around at white walls and ceiling, she noticed wires and tubes running in and out of her. Her head wrapped in bandages and was splitting into pieces, and no life in one of her feet. She wonders, “why does God keep bringing me back here?”

A year of endless pain, therapy, counseling, struggling to remember a past that will catch up with her, plus learning to walk and talk again, gave her a reason to want to go on a path with less pain. Along with her family’s help, she recovers in three years.

At her last therapy session, she told her therapist, “I must not forget the pain of my past; I will forget everything else, but never the pain.”

Concerned about her, Vanessa Smith, her therapist, asks, “Why? Why do you think it’s necessary to keep the pain of the past alive?”

“That’s the only way I will stay on the safe side. The minute I move in that direction, the pain will remind me and give me a good reason to stay on track. I must survive, and that is the only way I can right now.”

Maria restarted her life, went back to college, got her degree in Social Work, Substance Abuse, and Family Counseling. She gained employment at the Saint Mary’s shelter for women running away from all types of abuse.

Recovering from her trauma, she was on a crusade and in a hurry to save souls. Twenty-five years later, she was married to ‘Job,’ as she often calls John, her husband. Also, a mother of three, two girls and one boy.

On the witness stand, she explains, “I know what I just explained about my life makes no sense. I have put my reputation, marriage, job, family, and life on the path of oncoming traffic. I love being me, and right now, I am because he is,” her eyes pointing directly at the defendant Steven Kildare.

Justice Sommers asks, “You want the court to believe that you are thanking the defendant for the damage he did to your life?”

“Your honor,” Maria turns to him, “Life, Fate, and Destiny call all of us to a path they planned for us. Some of us want to chart our own route, so not all of us respond. I am one of them who didn’t. And because of that, life used Steven’s actions, choices, and decisions to push me on to the right lane, at a cost to me.

Yes, he steered my life in the path to hell, but I had to visit and taste the wrath and fire there before appreciating the life I am living now. The lifestyle he introduced me to, that I have left behind, strengthen me, and fuel my need to heal every soul I can. He gave my life a reason and a purpose. Thanks to him, I found love. Real love. He didn’t kill Sophia. He was with me. After I recovered and started working, I reached out to him. I wanted to give him a why and a how — at the same time, praying and hoping that he would accept change.

He gave me one, and I just wanted to return the favor. It took him more than twenty years, but time can be a friend to ones who are willing to open their heart and soul for the better. The security footage will show the date and time he arrived. Also, the time he departed and the men who took him away. I am because you are, Steven Kildare!”

Life is like a deck of cards, and sometimes it must give us a peek at death’s hand before we can find the right cards to win the game and beat death.

Image by Annelise Lords

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