Do Women Prepare Their Sons For The World Like They Prepare Their Daughters?

Annelise Lords
5 min readFeb 21, 2024

Many of the issues males have, go back to their mothers.

Image by Annelise Lords

Watching a True Crime episode on TV. An ambitious educated young man in college killed his pregnant girlfriend. He had big plans for his future and wasn’t ready to be a father. He asked her to abort the baby and she refused. So, he killed her and their unborn child.

“Why didn’t he protect himself?” Jumped from my thoughts, because that is one of the first things I encourage my children to do, “get a life, before you become responsible for one!”

“Because she told him she was taking birth control,” a male voice nearby answered.

My memory shot back to a male who lived with his girlfriend and got involved with a female I knew personally. I got birth control and gave it to her. They started an affair and she got pregnant too quickly. When I went to tell him that she was pregnant, he scratched his head in shock and said, “But she told me she was taking birth control!”

Whose responsibility is it to protect themselves if they don’t want to become a parent?

Should the male rely on the female?

Should the female rely on the male?