Happy Mother’s Day

Mothers are like Sunrises and Sunsets. They just keep on giving to their children and the children of others.

Happy mother’s Day to all of the mothers on this platform.

Mother Sunrises to help her children. Image by Annelise Lords
Mothers are like Sunsets. Image by Annelise Lords

A Beautiful MOTHER’S DAY to all the Mothers, the foster mothers, the Father-mothers, the Godmothers, the Auntie/Uncle mothers, the Best-friend mothers, the Grandmothers, the Cousin-mothers, Sister/Brother mothers, the Step-mothers and the Acting mothers. May you get back all the love that you gave ten times more.

Some mothers are like a Sunrise and Sunset, even if you don’t see them, they are shining through the clouds.

Thank you for reading this piece.

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