The Benefits and Value in Being Different.

The lessons learned in being different.

Image by Annelise Lords

They say we should surround ourselves with like-minded people. There are no power or life lessons in that.

What we learn, from surrounding ourselves with people that think like us, we already know.

What we learn from surrounding ourselves with people who don’t think like us, is valuable knowledge, and countless ideas.

We learn life lessons, new ways to do old things, innovative ways to improve things, and our knowledge is always improving, and increasing. Life is always testing us through the difference in each of us. Being different is a gift. The most interesting part of many of us is our different way of thinking. How differently we do things. How we interact with each other. How we handle difficult situations. Through our difference, we help each other in many ways.

Look at the butterflies above, they are different. The flowers are different too. They grow at a different temperature, in different climates, in different countries, and different places. Everything about them is different and they teach us more. There is fun in learning different things that come from our contact with different people. There is so much to learn about being different. Being different makes you unique. Being different makes you intriguing. Some will find you fascinating because of your difference. Others will find your difference beautiful. So don’t be afraid to be different.

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