A poem on the power of the truth.

Spiritual Tree Weekly Prompt ‘Truth’.

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A heart that speaks the Truth. Image by Annelise Lords

When our eyes see the wrongs
And we look without action
Convincing ourselves this isn’t our fight, it’s merely a distraction
The heart knows the truth

When our ears listen to lies
And we refuse to heed the words of the wise
Instead, we compromise
The heart knows the truth

When we use our tongues as weapons of destruction
Adding chaos to a world already in destitution
Instead of uniting with love and affection
The heart knows the truth

When our actions condone prejudice and injustice
As we proceed without humanity
Helping to create a world plagued with insanity
The heart knows the truth

The truth is like water, if it remains stagnant it becomes dangerous to humanity. Stagnant water transmits diseases that can contribute to an epidemic causing harm and lives. No matter what we tell ourselves, the heart always knows the truth, and like water, it will find a way in, or out.

Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoyed it. Please enjoy more from other writers on this platform.

Special thanks to Simran Kankas for my weekly brain exercise.

A Heart that hides the truth. Image by Annelise Lords






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